DGGMLF‚ intercultural media literacy

From September 2014 to August 2017 Mira Media and its partners worked in multicultural and socially marginalized neighborhoods in Utrecht, Amsterdam, London, Bologna and Bucharest with schools, migrants, Roma and low educated families on media literacy and education related issues. They observed the growing attention for safer Internet use and digital skills in general, but also noticed an apparent lack of attention and information for Migrant, Roma and Socially marginalized families (MRS-parents). Based on a joint investigation the partners found out that MRS parents are not always able to support their children in their use of Internet as they themselves do not always have the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience. Existing information on Internet use of children is not appealing to them and sometimes not understandable because of the language use (that is not user-friendly and culturally relevant).

In order to improve this situation, DGGMLF developed and implemented sustainable local adult learning structures for MRS parents in several neighbourhoods in the five participating cities. DGGMLF created intercultural information points, educational courses on Internet safety, digital literacy courses which have been facilitated by local intercultural media coaches and cyberparents.

The results and achievents of the project have been summarised in the Toolkit and the External evaluation report:  

Intercultural digital citizenship in the community

External Evaluation Report 31.10.201774972

This toolkit is a collecton of results, methodologies and materials based on the experience and implementation of national pilots. Its structure was designed to provide for: 1) media and digital education awareness, lessons learned and strategies; and 2) practical guidelines for neighbourhood organisations, educational professionals, intercultural media coaches and cyberparents based on methodologies and tools tested by partners during DGGMLF project.

The toolkit includes the following information:



* The DGGMLF project was funded by the European Commission.